Amyloid beta1-40 Kit HTRF®

The Amyloid ß1-40 kit is designed for the simple and rapid quantification of the peptide in cell-based formats.
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The Amyloid ß1-40 kit is designed for the simple and rapid quantification of the peptide in cell-based formats.
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Amyloid ß1-40 and ß1-42 peptides are involved in the appearance of Alzheimer's disease symptoms. The production of these two amyloid peptides is regulated by the activity of 2 enzymes, ß and γ secretase, which cleave the amyloid precursor protein. This kit is intended to measure amyloid ß1-40 peptides in cell supernatant or in whole cells. This assay is a fast alternative to ELISA, thanks to the ease-of-use of our Add and Read method.



Assay principle

The HTRF Amyloid ß1-40 assay is a sandwich immunoassay using two monoclonal antibodies that recognize different epitopes within the ß1-40 peptide. One antibody is labelled with Eu3+-Cryptate and the other with XL-665. The assay can be used with whole cells or cell supernatant.
Amyloid ß1-40 assay principle

Assay Protocol

The Amyloid ß1-40 assay features a streamlined protocol with only two incubation steps:

- Cell stimulation by target compounds

- Amyloid ß1-40 detection using HTRF reagents

The antibodies labelled with HTRF donor and acceptor may be pre-mixed and added in a single dispensing step to further speed up the assay procedure. This protocol requires a single 24-hour incubation at 4°C following cell stimulation.

Amyloid ß1-40 assay protocol

Key features

Detection limit: 13.64 pg/mL
Dynamic range: 25 to 1600 pg/mL
Sample compatibility: Cell-based or cell supernatants
Specificity: No cross-reaction with Amyloid ß 1-42 and ß 1-43
Amyloid ß1-40 standard curve

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