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New products

We are excited to announce the launch of new products from the combined PerkinElmer-Cisbio reagent portfolio.


Using the HTRF® technology:

4 assays to detect CDKs that coordinate cell cycle progression in mammalian cells.
CDK2 Phospho-Tyr 15 kit
CDK2 total kit
CDK4 total kit
CDK6 total kit

2 assays to detect mouse SLP-76, a marker of T-lymphocyte activation.
Mouse SLP-76 phospho-Ser376 kit
Mouse Total SLP-76 kit

2 assays to access PLCg2 (Phospholipase C gamma 2), readout of multiple adaptive and innate immune cell surface receptors.
PLCg2 Phospho-Tyr1217 kit
PLCg2 total kit

1 assay for the detection of human & mouse TAR DNA binding protein 43 (TDP-43), a nucleic acid binding protein involved in RNA-related metabolism which aggregation is involved in neurodegenerative diseases.
TDP-43 aggregation Kit

1 binding kit to identify inhibitors of cytokine/cytokine receptor interaction.
Human IL17A/IL17RA binding kit

2 kits for the detection of MDA-5, an RIG-I-like receptor that acts as a cytoplasmic sensor of double stranded RNA, and plays a major role in sensing viral infection and in the activation of a cascade of antiviral responses including the induction of type I interferons and proinflammatory cytokines..
MDA5 aggregation kit
MDA5 kit

Using the AlphaLISA® Surefire® UltraTM technology:

c-Myc phospho-Ser62 kit
c-Myc phospho-Thr58 kit
c-Myc total kit
eIF4E total kit
JNK1/2 total kit
STAT1 Total kit

Using the AlphaLISA® technology:

SMAD2 phospho-S465/467 + SMAD2 Total kit
ERK1/2 p-T202/Y204 + ERK Total kit (New formulation)

For all the Alpha® products, please contact your local representatives or visit www.perkinelmer.com.

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