Mithras² LB 943

Officially HTRF certified

About this microplate reader

The Mithras² LB943 multimode reader combines the benefits of both, monochromator and RFID-encoded filter technologies for wavelength selection in excitation and emission. Together with its integrated liquid handling, the LB943 provides full flexibility in experimental design without compromises in sensitivity in a single instrument for up to 11 different read-out modes. The optional plate-stacker enables full automated operation.


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About the manufacturer

BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES is a manufacturer of bioanalytical instruments for academic research, pharmaceutical drug discovery, and clinical diagnostics. More than 60 years of proven and certified manufacturing practice, characterized by pioneering innovations and technological progress, ensures the high quality of all instruments, comprising microplate readers, in vivo imagers, HPLC radio-detectors and gamma counters.

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