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New products

We are excited to announce the launch of new products from the combined PerkinElmer-Cisbio reagent portfolio.

Using the HTRF® technology

Our oncology portfolio is enriched with 2 kits to characterize phosphorylated SLP-76 and a new Tie2 kit:

About Protein-Protein Interactions Assays, the human RIG-I binding assay is designed to select and characterize compounds that specifically bind human RIG-I protein:

Analyze the activation of the complement pathway with the new human C1q binding kit. It measures the binding of the Fc Region of aggregated IgG antibodies to human C1q in solution:

Two new spare part associated with the HTRF Cereblon Binding kit : the Thalidomide-Red fluorescent tracer and a binding buffer:

Using the Alpha CETSA® technology

For all the Alpha® products, please contact your local representatives or visit www.perkinelmer.com

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