Academia/Industry Cross-Fertilization through Translational Research

Franck Madoux


The Scripps Research Institute Molecular Screening Center Scripps Florida, Jupiter, FL, USA

5th HTRF Symposium, Avignon, France

In the field of Drug Discovery and Screening, Academia and Industry are distinct entities, with different strengths, research goals, approaches and means. During the last decade, pushed by challenges in identifying new drugs and a strong willingness from government funding agencies to promote and democratize Drug Screening in Academia, new collaboration opportunities,          tools and platforms have been made available to bridge academic and industry research operations. At the crossroad between fundamental and applied research, translational research now represents a common ground that reconciles Industry and Academia by stimulating bi-directional and mutually beneficial interactions that catalyze discoveries. This presentation will explore the different facets of Academia/Industry partnerships through a series of examples gleaned from the recent collaborations involving Scripps Florida, a non-for-profit institute at the forefront of translational research.

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