Antibody mechanism of action study

A comprehensive line of cell-based assays for the straightforward study of antibody mechanisms of action

Some therapeutic antibodies bind cell surface antigens such as GPCRs or Tyrosine kinase receptors, and modulate the signaling pathway needed for clinical efficacy and/or contribute to adverse effects. These different antibody properties need their mechanisms of action to be unveiled or better understood. Cisbio Bioassays has developed a comprehensive platform of cell-based assay kits, such as cytokines, cellular kinases and second messengers, for their accurate quantification. These assays provide efficient means to understand the biologics' mechanism of action, opening new opportunities to develop drugs with improved patient clinical benefits.

Cytokines and biomarkers

High quality products and streamlined procedures to quantify biomarkers in multiple therapeutic areas, such as inflammation, oncology, metabolic diseases and CNS.

Phospho- and total proteins

A selection of HTRF® cell signaling assays allowing phosphorylated and total proteins detections and quantifications directly in whole cells, using a straightforward assay protocol.

GPCR second messengers: cAMP & IP-One

cAMP and inositol monophosphate (IP-One) are the first intracellular indicators of GPCR activation.

The cAMP level induced by adenylate cyclase (AC) is modulated by Gs and Gi proteins, whereas Inositol production is activated by phospholipase C following Gq protein stimulation.