Can HTRF technology answer to different scientific questions? An academic with industrial standards point of view

Pascal Villa


Plate-forme de Chimie Biologique Integrative de Strasbourg (PCBIS), Université de Strasbourg, Illkirch, France

5th HTRF Symposium, Avignon, France

The "Plate-forme de Chimie Biologique Integrative de Strasbourg" (PCBIS) is an academic platform specialized in chemical biology. Starting 15 years ago PCBIS developed the expertise in this field in order to be able to offer HTS in an academic context. One of our main goals is to offer our expertise to laboratories aiming to find new drugs to cure diseases (including rare and/or neglected diseases). The PCBIS has expertise with many diverse biological models used in the search for new drugs. These models range from in vitro enzymatic tests to cell based assays. It was extended to early ADME-Tox studies. Our commitment to quality drove us to set up a quality management system granted by ISO 9001 certification since 2007. Today we are able to propose assay development, chemical libraries and HTS on validated models to academic labs or private companies. In this presentation we will show examples of recent models developed for HTS purposes and results obtained. A proposed model of interaction with pharma will be discussed.

GPCR research from A to Z , Kinases