HTRF microplate readers

HTRF compatible sticker

HTRF technology requires simple yet specific detection conditions.

ln order to broaden HTRF readout capabilities for use in the field of life sciences, Cisbio has initiated partnerships with several detection system manufacturers. This collaboration has led to high standard reader certification, indicated by an HTRF sticker. This label guarantees that the reader meets the physical specifications for optimal HTRF readout.

This section includes individual reader review, reader setup, high value application notes or posters and everything needed to take the best from your HTRF assays.

 If your reader is not listed, please contact your local Cisbio sales and application support team to find out about compatibility.


Other Suitable Readers

Your reader might even be suitable if it's not certified

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Reader Control kit

The HTRF Reader Control Kit provides an easy and straightforward way to assess your reader’s overall performance and can facilitate the identification of potential failures.


  • Complete kit with reagents, buffers, and microplate
  • Each kit may be used to check several instruments
  • Easy to implement



  • Calibrate all HTRF-compatible readers
  • Validate readers following their upgrade to HTRF compatibility
  • Re-evaluate reader performance quality over time
  • Identify potential failure

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