Human IgG Kappa & Lambda MAb assays

The use of human IgGs as therapeutic agents has increased recently, and Drug Discovery and Bioprocess now require their quantification.

Cisbio Bioassays offers assays to detect whole human antibodies selectively for Kappa and Lambda light chains. The Human IgG Kappa and Lambda MAb assays, based on HTRF® technology, are the right solutions for quantification, screening, and quality control.

Assay Principle

The HTRF Human IgG Kappa and Lambda MAb assays are sandwich immunoassays for the measurement of whole human IgGs selectively for Kappa and Lambda light chains.

The two assays use an antibody specific to human Fc and antibodies specificic to Human Lamda or Kappa light chains. Depending on the assay the specific antibodies are labeled with Eu3+ (donor) or d2 (acceptor).

These homogeneous assays enable precise assessment of all human IgG isotypes and requires only a single 2 hour incubation following the detection reagent addition.


The figure shown here describes the principle of the IgG Lambda assay, where, the anti-human-IgG Lamdda antibody is labeled with Eu3+-Cryptate and the anti-Human FC with d2.

Product Specifications

Human IgG standard curve performed using protocol outlined in product insert.

  Kappa Lambda
Detection limit: 0.8 ng/mL 0.4 ng/mL
Dynamic range: 0.8 to 100 ng/mL 0.8 to 200 ng/mL
Specificity: subclasses IgG1, IgG2, IgG3 & IgG4
  Kappa Lambda
Cross reactivity 0% Human Lambda
0% Mouse Kappa
<1% Human IgM
0% Human Kappa
0% Mouse Lambda
0% Human IgM

Part#, inserts & MSDS

Ordering Info

DescriptionCat. noProduct insertMSDS
Kappa MAb kit - 500 tests64KAPPEG
Kappa MAb kit - 10,000 tests64KAPPEH
Lambda MAb kit - 500 tests64LAMPEG
Lambda MAb kit - 10,000 tests64LAMPEH

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