Human Perforin-1 kit

Perforin-1 (also called Cytolysin or Lymphocyte pore-forming protein) is found in cytotoxic lymphocytes, NK (natural killer) cells, and cytotoxic T cells. Perforin-1 creates a pore in the cell membrane allowing Granzyme B to enter the target cell’s cytoplasm and trigger apoptosis through caspase activation.
This kit is designed for the rapid detection of human Perforin in cell supernatant and whole cells. The assay enables high throughput without any washing steps, thereby saving time compared to ELISA.
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Assay principle

HTRF® - the homogeneous sandwich immunoassay

Human Perforin-1 is measured using a sandwich immunoassay involving two specific anti-human Perforin-1 antibodies, respectively labeled with HTRF donor and acceptor dyes. Signal intensity is directly proportional to the concentration of Perforin-1 present in the sample. The assay protocol, using a 384-well small volume white plate or a Cisbio low volume 96-well plate (20 µL final), is described on the right. 16µl of cell supernatant, sample, or standard are dispensed directly into the plate for detection by HTRF® reagents. The antibodies labeled with HTRF donor and acceptor can be pre-mixed and added in a single dispensing step, to further streamline the assay procedure. The assay can be run in 96- to 384-well plates by simply resizing each addition volume proportionally.

Human perforin 1 asay principle

Analytical performance

Sample size 16 µL
LOD & LOQ (in diluent) 0.52 ng/mL & 1.05 ng/mL
Assay range 1.05 – 100 ng/mL
Time to result ON at RT

Human perforin 1 standard curve

Product performance

1. Detection of endogenous levels of Granzyme B and Perforin-1 in Tall-104 cells

Different cell densities of TALL-104 cells (Effector cells) were plated in suspension under 50µL in a 96-well plate. TALL-104 cells were cultured for 24 hours at 37 °C, 5% CO2. After culture, 16µL of cell supernatants were transferred into a 384-well sv white microplate and 4 µL of the HTRF Perforin-1 and Granzyme B detection reagents were added. The HTRF signal was recorded after an overnight incubation at room temperature.

Perforin and Granzyme B detection

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