Implementation of HTRF Assay Technology on Infinite F200 PRO

Oberdanner C, Fejtl M, Flatscher K


Tecan Austria GmbH, Grödig, Austria

5th HTRF Symposium, Avignon, France

HTRF-based applications have become increasingly popular for the analysis of molecular interactions and binding studies because of their homogeneity, robustness, sensitivity, and potential for miniaturization. The technology is well established as an HTS screening tool, but also proofed to be beneficial for applications at a moderate throughput. Although the maximum speed of the HTRF reader may not be the primary requirement for the life science community, the instrument still needs to offer excellent optical properties to deliver high-quality results often associated with more expensive technical solutions. With the Infinite F200 PRO, Tecan offers a cost-efficient yet highly sensitive and robust detection system for HTRF users at a medium throughput. The instrument is equipped with a sophisticated and ingenious optical system with a dichroic mirror, which permits optimal excitation in the UV range. Optimized filters for HTRF guarantee specific signal detection with high signal-to-noise, HTRF ratios, and Delta F values. In this poster we describe the performance of the Infinite F200 PRO for the HTRF reader control kit, the HTRF cAMP assay and the HTRF TNF-alpha Kit. For all three assay-formats the instrument delivered the best performance in regard to signal to noise, detection limit and dynamic range of HTRFbased signals.

GPCR research from A to Z , Biomarkers, HTRF® Technology, HTRF microplate readers

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