MAP-Tau Assay Kit

HTRF® assay kit for detecting MAP-Tau in cell lysates

HTRF® MAP-Tau kit is a rapid sandwich immunoassay for accurate quantification of the microtubule-associated protein Tau in cell lysates. Only a low volume of sample is required, saving biological material. With no washing steps, the simple and robust procedure gives increased throughput compared to ELISAs. 

Assay principle

MAP-Tau is measured using sandwich immunoassays involving two specific anti-MAP-Tau antibodies, respectively labelled with Europium cryptate (donor) and d2 (acceptor). The intensity of the signal is proportional to the concentration of the MAP-Tau present in the sample.

The MAP-Tau assay protocol is described here. Cells are plated, stimulated and next lysed in the same 96-well culture plate. Lysates are then transferred to the assay plate for the detection of human MAP-Tau by HTRF® reagents. This protocol enables the cells' viability and confluence to be monitored. The antibodies labelled with HTRF fluorophores may be pre-mixed and added in a single dispensing step, to further streamline the assay procedure. The assay detection can be run in 96- to 384-well plates by simply resizing each addition volume proportionally.

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