Multiplexing Cell-Based Assays using the SpectraMax i3 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader with MiniMax Imaging Cytometer

Olsen C, Monnet L, Sirenko O, Hesley J, Lydford S


Molecular Devices, LLC, Sunnyvale, USA. Molecular Devices (UK) Ltd, Wokingham, United Kingdom.

ELRIG Drug Discovery Meeting, Cambridge, UK.

Complex cell-based assays are developed to provide more biologically relevant and predictive experiments. The SpectraMax® i3 Multi-Mode Microplate Platform with MiniMax™ Imaging Cytometer enables multiplexed analysis of important biological outputs from cell-based assays. The system has been designed for environments from basic research to screening, and the intuitive user interface allows non-imaging specialists to get up and running quickly. We demonstrate how the platform allows researchers to obtain more biologically relevant data by combining imaging with plate reader assays. Quality control assessment of the cells in a microplate can be performed before running an in vitro assay on the same platform. Cardiomyocyte beating can be measured and compared with cell viability data, and cell signaling can be examined through a combination of readouts to improve assay development. Plate reader assays using luminescence, HTRF®, or other detection modes can easily be combined with imaging cytometry to obtain more information on the mechanisms of cell toxicity.

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