Open R&D: Sanofi Access Platform

Carole Fages


Sanofi, Montpellier, France

5th HTRF Symposium, Avignon, France

Each year, investigators throughout the world are finding compounds/biologics in university that are never fully evaluated as potential drug candidates. Among the challenges for academic investigators is ready access to know how and expertise in drug discovery and development. Therefore, sanofi aims to become part of academic institute valorization process by providing access to its expertise (assay development ~ screening ~ Hit identification/optimization) through a collaborative platform so called ""Access Platform"". To rapidly achieve its goals, sanofi has dedicated one of its current R&D centers to this initiative: Sanofi Strasbourg site. A key objective of this model is to expand the level of collaborative research with selected academic institutes to translate innovative discovery into therapeutic solutions for patient benefits.This strategy aims to capture early innovation and de-risk the opportunities over a two year period. The short timelines for project enables an assessment to be made on the probability of success. Any results generated as part of the partnership will be co-owned. If promising, results can further serve as basis for requesting option or license agreement. If sanofi does not take the option, the collaborator can partner with another party. The Access Platform is a unique early partnering concept operating in a mutual shared-risk framework with several benefits for both partners: 1- enabling sanofi to access early external innovation, requiring maturation/de-risking steps, 2- enabling the academic partners to access know-how and skills in pharmaceutical drug discovery through a fully operational and integrated platform. Overall, Sanofi Access Platform model creates an efficient mechanism to open innovation portals for Sanofi R&D and academic partners.


Phosphorylated proteins