Protein-Protein interaction products and services

Protein-Protein interaction reagents: One technology... Unlimited applications

Cisbio offers a comprehensive line of ready-to-use HTRF Protein-Protein interaction (PPI) reagents labeled with HTRF fluorescent dyes for studying molecular interactions using time-resolved fluorescence energy transfer. PPI reagents include Europium and Lumi4®-Terbium cryptates, as well as XL665 and d2 labeled anti-tag antibodies, streptavidins, anti-immunoglobulin antibodies, lectins and other affinity system reagents for use depending on the specific assay. A wide range of assays has been developed with these reagents, including biologics screening, nuclear receptor assays, receptor dimerization, ligand binding, receptor internalization and enzyme assays. As with all HTRF assays, assays developed using our PPI reagents can easily be miniaturized and are amenable to automation. Custom labeling and assay development services are also available to help meet your research needs.

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