ETBR stably expressing cells

This cell line stably expresses the ETB receptor fused to a SNAP-Tag, and can be used in a Tag-lite application.
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This HEK293 stable cell line expresses the ETB receptor fused to a SNAP-Tag. Labeled with Terbium, the cells can be used in a Tag-lite receptor binding protocol.



Step 1 - Receptor labeling

SNAP-tag®, is a small fusion tag that covalently interacts with specific substrates. SNAP-tag allows specific and covalent labeling of any protein of interest. For more details, see the labeling procedure.

Watch this video describing how to label cell surface receptors using Tag-lite® technology.

Step 2 - Understand the assay principle

Running a receptor binding assay using Tag-lite is as easy as it can get. Simply dispense 10 µL of labeled cells into each well, followed by 5 µL of labeled ligand and 5 µL of the compound you wish to test. Like all HTRF assays, Tag-lite assays do not require any washing steps. A diagram of the procedure to be followed is given on the right.

Step 3 - Saturation binding (KD)

A saturation binding assay measures total and non-specific binding for increasing concentrations of ligand under equilibrium conditions. To perform the assay, the fluorescent ligand is titrated into a solution containing a fixed amount of labeled cells and then incubated to equilibrium. The HTRF ratio obtained from this titration is the total binding.

Watch this video explaining how to run a saturation binding assay using Tag-lite.

Step 4 - Competitive binding (KI)

A competitive binding assay is performed to measure the dissociation constant, Ki. To perform the assay, the compound is titrated into a solution containing a fixed concentration of fluorescent ligand and a fixed amount of cells.

Watch this video explaining how to run a competitive binding assay using Tag-lite.

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