Human IL17 kit standard HTRF®

Each vial of the spare standard for the Human IL17 kit allows for 5 standard curves in triplicate.
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  • Lyophilized Lyophilized
Each vial of the spare standard for the Human IL17 kit allows for 5 standard curves in triplicate.


This lyophilized standard is a spare part for our Human IL17 cytokine kit. It is available per 1 or per 3 vials, and each vial allows for 5 standard curves in triplicate.

Upon reconstitution in distilled water, the stock solution can be aliquoted and frozen (2 times maximum) for future use.

This standard is recommended as an additional item when working with the 10,000 tests (and higher) Human IL17 kit size in order to include 1 standard curve per plate.



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Batch Information IL17 (h) Std / 20230718

62HIL17CDA Batch 02A - Batch Information

Batch Information IL17 (h) Std / 20240721

62HIL17CDA Batch 03A - Batch Information

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