Aldosterone Assay Kit

Aldosterone is a steroid hormone (mineral corticoid) produced by the adrenal gland, that is involved in sodium and potassium metabolism. In the body, cholesterol is successively transformed into pregnenolone, progesterone, deoxycorticosterone and corticosterone. The conversion of corticosterone into Aldosterone is catalysed by Aldosterone synthase for pancreatic ß-cell supernatants and serum samples. Based on our patented HTRF® technology, the Aldosterone kit is a highly sensitive assay for quantifying aldosterone synthase activity.

Assay principle

The Aldosterone assay is a monoclonal antibody-based competitive assay requiring a single 1 hour incubation following cell stimulation. The assay can also be run with purified enzyme.

The basic assay is run in two steps

Stimulation step:

cells are stimulated with compounds.

Detection step:

Aldosterone levels are assayed by successive additions of XL665-labeled Aldosterone and a Cryptate-labeled anti-Aldosterone MAb. Fluorescence is read after 1 hour incubation.

Product specifications

Detection limit: 24 pg/mL
Dynamic range: 0.024 to 160 ng/mL
EC50: 453 pg/mL
Specificity: low cross-reactivity with
pregnenolone 0.0003%,
progesterone 0.0017%,
deoxycorticosterone 0.0017%,
corticosterone 0.05%

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