HTRF ALPHA-TUBULIN HOUSE KEEPING KIT: Matching versatility with dynamic range for unprecedented performance


Cisbio, Codolet, France

Alpha-tubulin is a component of microtubules. Due to its essential role in the cytoskeleton, this protein is ubiquitously and constitutively expressed in every tissue. Moreover, its amino acid sequence is highly conserved and is thus identical in almost all species. These characteristics make it one of the most commonly used housekeeping proteins.
The HTRF Alpha-Tubulin Housekeeping kit is based on a homogeneous TR-FRET immunoassay format and measures the endogenous level of α-tubulin in cell and tissue lysates.
This application note highlights the unmatched versatility of the HTRF Alpha-Tubulin assay kit and provides a convincing demonstration of its applicability to a variety of sample and experimental conditions. Compatibility with all Cisbio lysis buffers, species cross-reactivity, as well as correlation with BCA Total Protein assay are presented below for the reader’s review.

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