HTRF® Dye labeling kit

Three labeling kits tailored for biomolecule labeling and straightforward development of time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer assays.

Cryptate and d2 dye labeling kits are designed for quick, easy labeling of biomolecules with HTRF donor and acceptor fluorescent dyes.

These kits are particularly suited to antibody labeling and to use during reagent selection and optimization, e.g. the determination of the best candidate among several antibodies available for HTRF assay development.

Each of the N-hydroxysuccinimide activated HTRF dyes (Eu3+-TBP-NHS cryptate, Lumi4®-Tb-NHS cryptate, and d2 dye) is supplied in the respective kit and reacts with primary amines for simplified conjugation.

These kits include all the materials necessary for the labeling procedure (except dialysis and concentration devices). The conjugates generated may not be used for diagnostic purposes.nd

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Assay Principle

Each HTRF dye labeling kit includes all the materials necessary for rapid cryptate or d2 dye labeling of peptides, proteins, oligonucleotides, or small molecules containing amino-groups (N-terminus or lysine residues).

The labeling procedure requires only a few steps and is performed under very mild conditions. As shown here, the process comprises an incubation step with the dessicated dye, followed by purification on a disposable column. Both the purification column and the buffer for purifying the conjugate are included in the kit, as well as a calibrator to define the ideal working dilution of the labeled material in HTRF assays (for cryptates only). Depending on the molecular weight of the target molecule and the nature of the dye, each kit enables the labeling of 5-25 μg (protein-MW 15 kDa) to 50-250 μg (antibody-MW 150 kDa).

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d2 Labeling kit62D2DPEA
Europium cryptate Labeling kit62EUSPEA
Terbium cryptate Labeling kit62TBSPEA

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