Human CD47/SIRPalpha biochemical interaction assay

Immune checkpoint assay to identify CD47/SIRPalpha inhibitors

Signal-regulatory protein alpha (SIRP-α), also known as CD172a, is a cell surface protein expressed mainly by myeloid cells such as macrophages. Its receptor, CD47, is ubiquitously expressed on the surface of all cells and has been found to be overexpressed in some cancers. CD47 binding to SIRP-α delivers a “Do Not Eat Me” signal to macrophages. In the case of a tumor, this signaling aids in tumor evasion of the immune system. Inhibitors of this interaction hold great promise for cancer immunotherapy.

The HTRF CD47/SIRP alpha Binding Assay Semi-Direct is designed to measure the interaction between Human CD47 and SIRPA proteins. Utilizing HTRF (Homogeneous Time-resolved Fluorescence) technology, the assay enables simple and rapid characterization of compound and anti-human antibody inhibitors in a high throughput format. This kit includes human CD47 and PSIRPa proteins and is designed to test anti-human antibody blockers or small molecules.

Our kits include everything you need to set up your biochemical test: validated recombinant proteins, labelled detection antibodies, and buffers. They can be used in all formats from 96 to 1536 wells, and have been validated with reference antibodies and compounds.

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Assay principle

HTRF® - The homogeneous biochemical immunoassay

Each kit includes recombinant immune checkpoint partners tagged for detection.

Without treatment, the partners interact and the binding of each detection antibody to its tag target generates an HTRF signal.

Product performances

Inhibitory effects of blocking mAb

The inhibitory effects of Mouse anti-human CD47 were tested at 2nM CD47 and 1 nM SIRPa. An assay window around 4 was obtained.

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