Human Serum Albumin Assay Kit

Sandwich immunoassay kit designed for the rapid detection of Human Serum Albumin (HSA)

Based on our TR-FRET homogeneous robust HTRF® technology, this kit is designed for the rapid detection of HSA in cell supernatant. It has been validated on primary hepatocytes, IPS derived hepatocytes, and HepG2 cell line. The assay enables high throughput without any washing steps, thereby saving time compared to ELISA. The simple protocol ensures quick assays, with results obtained after only 2 hours. This procedure is suitable for miniaturization and allows work with small sample sizes down to 5 µL, saving precious biological material.

Assay principle

Human serum albumin is measured using sandwich immunoassays involving two specific anti-human serum albumin antibodies, respectively labeled with Europium cryptate (donor) and d2 (acceptor). The intensity of the signal is proportional to the concentration of the HSA present in the sample.

The HSA assay protocol, using a 384-well small volume white plate (20 µL final), is described on the right. Cell supernatant, sample, or standard are dispensed directly into the assay plate for the detection of HSA by HTRF® reagents. The antibodies labeled with HTRF donor and acceptor may be pre-mixed and added in a single dispensing step, to further streamline the assay procedure. The assay can be run in 96- to 384-well plates by simply resizing each addition volume proportionally.

Product specifications


Primary Human Hepatocyte supernatants from different single donors (A&B) and donor pool (C&D) were thawed and placed in culture. The supernatants were tested the first day of culture and 4 days after.

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