Insulin Ultra Sensitive Assay Kit

Enhanced sensitivity for fewer islets per well

One hurdle faced by researchers seeking to quantify insulin is the high number of islets often required per assay. Designed for enhanced sensitivity, this kit is intended for the quantification of insulin in low-concentration samples. The kit is ideal for the detection of basal insulin levels and insulin released from mouse pancreatic islets.


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Assay principle

Insulin is measured using a sandwich immunoassay of two monoclonal antibodies, one labeled with Cryptate (Donor) and the other with XL665 (Acceptor). The intensity of the FRET signal obtained is proportional to the concentration of insulin in the sample.

Designed for ease of use, the assay does not require lengthy extraction procedures or sample pre-treatment, as may be the case for other technologies. Simply add the detection reagents and read. the two detection reagents may be pre-mixed for a single dispensing step.

This cell-based assay is compatible with human, mouse, rat and pig, and uses a very low sample volume – 10 µL.

Product performances

The assay is designed for ex vivo & in vitro experiments on models secreting low insulin levels: some β-cell lines (e.g. human EndoC-βH1 cell line), mouse pancreatic islets (especially for perfusion experiments, to reduce the number of islets/condition) and mouse isolated perfused pancreas.

1. Validation on mouse pancreatic islets

Pancreatic islets were isolated from C57BL/6N male mice. The islets were dispensed into tubes with KRB buffer containing either 2.8 mM or 16.7 mM glucose (5 islets/tube, 6 tubes/condition). After 10 minutes or 30 minutes of incubation, the supernatants* were collected and the insulin concentrations measured using the HTRF Ultra-sensitive insulin kit reagents.

*Samples were kindly provided by S. Dalle and M. Ravier’s research team: Physiopathology of pancreatic beta-cells, Institute for Functional Genomics (IGF), Montpellier, France.

2. Correlation with leading RIA

The HTRF Ultra Sensitive insulin assay showed an excellent correlation to the leading RIA on mouse pancreatic islet supernatants. With a slope of  0.946, the regression line was close to the ideal line, demonstrating the assay's reliability.

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