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Varioskan LUX is a trademark of Thermo Scientific.

Life Science products based on Lumi4®-Tb cryptate donors are licensed under the following patent applications: US 09/507-630, US 09/992,156, AU 32370/00, CA 2,371,816, EP 00910246.8, JP 2000-599731 and US 09/507,599, AU 36006/00, CA 2,371,818, EP 00914643.2, JP 2000-599732.

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Personal data protection

Cisbio Bioassays ensures a high level of protection in accordance with the European standards for the protection of personal data to all its customers and users, whatever their country of origin and, subject to legal and regulatory obligations, regardless of where they access the services.

Our operations for personal data collection, use and storage can be found in our Personal Data Privacy Policy. This document describes in particular:

·         Our principles and ethics

·         Personal data definition, destination and use

·         The provisions concerning consent

·         Data access, storage and protection

·         How long do we keep your personal data

·         What is the data we process

·         Your rights to access and rectification

·         Your rights to erasure, to opposition and your right to "be forgotten"

·         Your rights to limitation

·         Data portability

·         Cookies and their administration

It is essential that we are able to account for the way we use your personal data.

Our data protection officer (DPO) is at your disposal. You may contact him for any question relating to the protection of your personal data, by e-mail at or by regular mail at Data Protection Officer, Cisbio Bioassays, Parc Marcel Boiteux, 30200 Codolet, France.