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In order to broaden HTRF® readout capabilities for use in the field of life sciences, Cisbio Bioassays has partnered with several detection system manufacturers for over ten years. These collaborations have allowed researchers to get access to a growing choice of certified readers, indicated by an HTRF® sticker. This label guarantees that the reader meets the physical specifications for optimal readout of the various HTRF® dye combinations.


In 2007 Cisbio Bioassays and Lumiphore, a biotechnology company developing proprietary lanthanide technology for use in high-value assays, formed a partnership to incorporate Lumiphore's Lumi4®-terbium complexes into Cisbio Bioassays HTRF assays. Lumi4®-terbium is currently available in a number of assays, such as IP-One Tb and HTRF® toolbox conjugates, and is used for custom labeling and assay development packages.


Over the years, HTRF® has proven its ability to be miniaturized under high density formats and its suitability for uHTS conditions. In collaboration with Cybio, Cisbio Bioassays has set up an integrated CyBi-Well workstation that enables our R&D and customer support teams to validate the assays they develop under miniaturized formats.

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Microplates are a central element of HTRF® assays, as their combination with detection systems is the key to a good readout performance. Cisbio Bioassays has partnered with renown providers in order to select and identify the best plate types suitable for both time-resolved fluorescence and cell-based assays. More info in our microplate section.

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Tag-liteSymbole® is a highly optimized combination of self-labeling technologies and HTRFSymbole®. Our partnerships with New England Biolabs for SNAP-tagSymbole® and CLIP-tagSymbole®, as well as with Promega and the alternative HaloTagSymbole®, have been instrumental in the development of a number of Tag-lite® assays and formats, e.g. ligand binding, biotherapeutic antibody screening and characterization.


In 2004 Millipore Corporation incorporated the HTRF® PI-3 kinase assay in their PIProfiler™ testing services. Since then, our partnership has expanded through the co-development of the HTRF® KinEASE™ product line, a universal assay platform for serine/threonine kinases exclusively distributed by Cisbio Bioassays.

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A large number of our assays are antibody-based. For the sourcing of our raw materials, we rely on experts and recognized providers that guarantee long-term, high quality supply of those biologics.

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Explicyte - a French Contract Research Organisation - offers preclinical services to evaluate the efficacy of novel candidate compounds in the field of Immuno-oncology with a range of validated i) in vitro cell-based assays (primary immune cells, tumor cells, etc), ii) valuable in vivo tumour models (eg. syngeneic mouse models). As complementary tools to either in vivo or in vitro models, explicyte also implements Cisbio HTRF® assays in its service activities.

Grants & fundings

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Cisbio's R&D programs are co-funded by Oseo, a public-sector institution dedicated to economic development, the Languedoc-Roussillon Region and the European Community through FEDER grants. We are grateful to our sponsors for supporting new R&D exploratory research and technology transfer programs led in collaboration with our academic partners.