Progesterone Assay Kit


The HTRF® progesterone assay is a competitive immunoassay for the rapid detection and quantification of progesterone in serum, plasma and cell lysate. The simple and robust procedure gives increased throughput compared to ELISA. The low sample sizes (down to 5 µL) mean precious biological samples can be saved. The assay is suitable for human and mouse progesterone detection.

Assay principle

Cisbio's progesterone assay is a based on a competition principle, where native progesterone produced by cells and d2-labeled progesterone compete for binding to a monoclonal anti-progesterone antibody labeled with europium cryptate. The assay can be run with several type of samples, such as cell lysates, serum and plasma.

The basic assay is run in two steps

The sample is prepared by stimulating cells or taking a biological sample.

Progesterone levels are then measured by successive additions of d2-labeled progesterone and a Cryptate-labeled anti-progesterone MAb. Fluorescence is read after a 1 hour incubation.

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