The ultimate guides: Key guidelines to successful cell signaling experiments


Cisbio, Codolet, France

The proper optimization of assay conditions is essential to ensure you obtain the best reagent use and performance. In the case of Cell Signaling, the most suitable assay conditions are dependent on the signaling pathway being investigated as well on the pharmacological characteristics of the compound being studied (activator or inhibitor). The optimal assay conditions will also hinge on the particular cellular model used for the assay (adherent or suspension cells, immortalized cell line or primary cells, tumor, tissue…). For each setup, a number of optimization steps can be implemented that will ensure the best, most accurate results are obtained. Drawing on hundreds of data sets and cases established by Cisbio’s scientists over the years, our manual provides the scientific community with the most up to date guidelines for the optimization of Cell Signaling assays.

Phosphorylated proteins, Kinases

Phospho-4EBP1 (Thr37/46) Cellular Assay KitPhospho-ACC (Ser79) Cellular Assay KitPhospho- & total AKT 1/2/3, Phospho- & total pan AKT Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-AMPK (Thr172) & Total AMPK Cellular Assay Kits Phospho-ATF2 (Thr71) Cellular Assay KitPhospho-Bad (Ser112) Cellular Assay Kit Phospho-BTK (Tyr223) & Total BTK Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-c-Jun (Ser63) Cellular Assay KitPhospho-CREB (Ser133) & Total CREB Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-c-RAF (Ser338) Cellular Assay KitPhospho-CREB (Ser133) & Total CREB Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-EGFR (pan), Phospho-EGFR (Tyr1068) & Total EGFR Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-EIF4E (Ser209) Cellular Assay Kit Phospho-ERK (Thr202/Tyr204), Advanced phospho-ERK (Thr202/Tyr204), and Total ERK1/2 Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-GSK3β (Ser9), Phospho-GSK3α (Ser21), Total GSK3β & Total GSK3α Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-H2AX (Ser139) Cellular Assay KitPhospho-HER2 (Tyr1221/1222) & Total HER2 Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-HER3 (Tyr1289) & Total HER3 Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-Histone H3 (Ser10), Phospho-Histone H3 (Thr3) & Total Histone H3 Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-IKKβ (Ser177/181) & Total IKKβ Cellular Assay Kit Phospho-Insulin Receptor (Tyr1150/1151) & Total Insulin Receptor Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-IRS1 (Ser307 mouse / Ser312 human) & Total IRS1 Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-JNK (Thr183 / Tyr185) Cellular Assay Kit Phospho-LRRK2 (Ser935) & Total LRRK2 Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-MEK1 (Ser218/222), Phospho-MEK1/2 (Ser218/222), Phospho-MEK1 (Ser298) & Total MEK1 Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-mTOR (Ser2448) Cellular Assay KitPhospho-NFkB (Ser536) & Total NFkB Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-p38 MAPK (Thr180/Tyr182) Cellular Assay KitPhospho-p53 (Ser15) & Total p53 Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-P70S6K (Thr389) Cellular Assay Kit Phospho-Phospholamban (Thr17) & total Phospholamban Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-S6RP (Ser235/236) Cellular Assay Kit Phospho-SMAD1 (Ser463/465) & Total SMAD1 Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-STAT3 (Tyr705) & Total STAT3 Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-STAT5 (Tyr694) Cellular Assay KitPhospho-TAU (Ser202/Thr205) Cellular Assay KitPhospho-VEGFR2 (Tyr1175) Cellular Assay KitPhospho-YAP (Ser127) & Total YAP Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-β-Catenin (Thr41/Ser37/Ser33) & Total β-Catenin Cellular Assay Kits HIF-1 alpha Cellular Assay KitPhospho-MNK (Thr197/202) Cellular Assay KitPhospho-FGFR2 (Tyr653/654) & Total FGFR2 Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-ULK1 (Ser757 mouse / Ser758 human) Assay KitTotal IRS2 Cellular Assay KitPhospho-ZAP-70 (Tyr319) & Total ZAP-70 Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-SLP-76 (Ser376) & total SLP-76 Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-FoxO1 (Ser256) and Total FoxO1 Assay KitsPhospho-c-Src (Tyr419) and Total c-Src Assay KitsPhospho-IRF3 (Ser386) Cellular Assay KitPhospho-VASP (Ser157), Phospho-VASP (Ser239) & Total VASP Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-SMAD3 (Ser423/425) & Total SMAD3 Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-EIF2 alpha (Ser52) & Total EIF2 alpha Cellular Assay KitsAlpha-Tubulin Housekeeping Cellular KitSTAT1 phospho (Tyr701) & total assaysPhospho-TBK1 (Ser172) & Total TBK1 Assay KitsPhospho-PDGFR beta (Tyr751) Cellular Assay KitPhospho-STING (Ser366) Cellular KitPhospho-SHP2 (Tyr542) Cellular KitTotal STING Cellular KitPhospho-SHP1 (Tyr564) Cellular KitTotal SHP1 Cellular KitTotal SHP2 Cellular KitPhospho-FAK (Tyr397) Cellular KitTotal FAK Cellular KitPhospho-STAT6 (Tyr641) Cellular KitHuman Ki-67 HTRF assay kitHuman STING binding kitAlpha-Tubulin Housekeeping – standard