Procollagen-III-peptide (PIIINP) ELISA kit

Procollagen-III-peptide ELISA assay

The P3NP-ELISA test enables the determination of human procollagen III peptide. It is based on the principle of a very easy to use sandwich assay. The 30 µl blood sample is convenient for patients. The transformation of functioning liver tissue into connective tissue is detectable through a raised serum procollagen III peptide level. This is the case, for instance, in alcoholic or virus induced forms of liver fibrosis. The parameter is suitable for monitoring the course of liver disorders and particularly in psoriatic patients treated by Methotrexate. The procollagen III peptide determination enables to reduce the number of biopsy for a better patient comfort and cost savings.

Procollagen III N-terminal Propeptide (P3NP) is synthetized in fibroblasts and released from the precursor peptide during the synthesis and deposition of Type III Collagen.

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Assay principle

The P3NP-ELISA kit is a one-step sandwich colorimetric ELISA-type immunoassay. A monoclonal antibody, immobilized on the microplate, captures the PIIINP proteins contained in the calibrators and samples and the bound proteins are then recognized by a second monoclonal antibody conjugated to HRP (Horseradish Peroxidase). The unbound reagents are eliminated by washing. Then, the colorimetric reaction is started by the addition of an HRP substrate, TMB (3,3’,5,5’ Tetramethyl-benzidine). The reaction is stopped by addition of an acid solution, the optical density (OD) of each well is read at 450 nm.

Flow chart

Normal values

Normal adult values      

Mean µg/L

Med µg/L 5. Perc. µg/L 95. Perc. µg/L Min µg/L Max µg/L
4.9 4.6 2.9 8.1 2.1 13.1