Phospho-Total protein lysis buffer 3

Lysis buffer#3 is one of the components for protein extraction provided with HTRF total and phospho kits (cf. lysis buffer compatiblity table). It can be ordered as a separate consumable.
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Lysis buffer#3 is one of the components for protein extraction provided with HTRF total and phospho kits (cf. lysis buffer compatiblity table). It can be ordered as a separate consumable.
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Correct buffer conditions are essential for optimal cell lysis and extraction of proteins. The composition of the phospho / total protein lysis buffer 3 has been carefully optimized for the quantification of protein expression and phosphorylation. You may refer to the lysis buffer compatibility table to find out which assay works best with buffer 3.



Lysis buffer compatibility table

Cisbio's portfolio of phospho and total protein assays has been optimized with 4 different lysis buffers. In most instances, one, sometimes two buffers among the four work significanly better for a given assay. You may refer the compatibility table to find out which buffer you should use preferentially with your assay of interest. This table will also allow you to pick a buffer working equally well with several assays, in order to run them using the same lysate.

Cisbio lysis buffer compatibility

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