Clear adhesive seal for microplates

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Clear adhesive seal for microplates

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  • New TopSeal-A PLUS allows you to view wells throughout the incubation process - no visibility effects with humidity.

  • Improved perforated end tabs allow easy handling, accurate positioning and quick removal of the tabs after sealing.

  • Improved gluing strength.

  • Compatible with microplates used with PerkinElmer reagent technologies (AlphaLISA®, AlphaScreen®, AlphaScreen® SureFire®, HTRF®, ATPlite™, Britelite™Plus, DELFIA®, LANCE®, LANCE® Ultra, Neolite™, Steadylite Plus®).

  • Compatible with microplates used for radioisotopic assays (Filter binding, FlashPlate®, SPA) on the PerkinElmer TopCount™ and MicroBeta™ Scintillation and Luminescence counters.

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