Legal & privacy

Protection of personal data:

All information received undergoes data processing intended to give you the answers or the documentation you have requested, or for any other reason to which you have agreed unless contrary measures foreseen by the law apply.

Processed data receiver

Cisbio Bioassays receives the data, which may also be forwarded to subcontractors working for Cisbio Bioassays.
Cisbio Bioassays
Parc Marcel Boiteux
BP 84175
30200 Codolet -  France
Tel: +33 (0) 4 66 79 67 05

Rights of access, rectificaion and suppression

In conformity with the French law concerning "Information Technology and Liberty" dated 6 January 1978, modified in 2004, you have the right to access and to rectify any information concerning you. This right can be invoked by contacting the person in charge of data processing at Cisbio Bioassays.
For legitimate reasons, you may oppose the processing of any data related to you.
By email:
By post: Parc Marcel Boiteux BP 84175 30200 Codolet - France

Data storage

Respecting the "Information Technology and Liberty" Law, Cisbio Bioassays undertakes to store the personal information communicated by users under reinforced security conditions and for limited periods of time.

Use of cookies

Cisbio Bioassays reserves the possibility of installing cookies on the users' navigators during their visits to the site.
The cookie is an information item which cannot be used to identify the user, but which records information on the way visitors navigate on the site. Should Cisbio Bioassays decide to install
cookies on its site, the company will inform the user beforehand of the reason for their implementation and if necessary, will record the user's consent.