Benefit from a collection of the most important NAFLD pathways

Get a useful overview of today’s NAFLD knowledge with this booklet

NASH disease is complex and follows many development pathways. This booklet provides you with critical information regarding NAFLD and more specifically about NASH progression.

  • Review the fundamentals of NAFLD and NASH
  • Learn from a cutting-edge research report
  • Benefit from additional content to help you revolutionize your NASH research


Phospho-ACC (Ser79) Cellular Assay KitPhospho- & total AKT 1/2/3, Phospho- & total pan AKT Cellular Assay Kitsα-SMA (ACTA2) Assay KitPhospho-AMPK (Thr172) & Total AMPK Cellular Assay Kits Phospho-EIF2 alpha (Ser52) & Total EIF2 alpha Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-FoxO1 (Ser256) and Total FoxO1 Assay KitsHyaluronic Acid Assay KitHyaluronic Acid ELISA kitPhospho-IRS1 (Ser307 mouse / Ser312 human) & Total IRS1 Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-mTOR (Ser2448) Cellular Assay KitPhospho-NFkB (Ser536) & Total NFkB Cellular Assay KitsProcollagen-III-peptide (P3NP) ELISA KitHuman Perforin-1 kitHuman Pro-collagen type 1 Assay KitPhospho-SMAD3 (Ser423/425) & Total SMAD3 Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-YAP (Ser127) & Total YAP Cellular Assay KitsAlpha-Tubulin Housekeeping Cellular KitApolipoprotein Assays Kits: ApoA1, ApoB, ApoC3, ApoEPhospho-β-Catenin (Thr41/Ser37/Ser33) & Total β-Catenin Cellular Assay Kits Phospho-c-Jun (Ser63) Cellular Assay KitcAMP - Gi assay kitscAMP - Gs assay kitsHuman CCL2 (MCP1) Assay KitCleaved PARP (Asp214) Cellular Assay KitPhospho-CREB (Ser133) & Total CREB Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-ERK (Thr202/Tyr204), Advanced phospho-ERK (Thr202/Tyr204), and Total ERK1/2 Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-GSK3β (Ser9), Phospho-GSK3α (Ser21), Total GSK3β & Total GSK3α Cellular Assay KitsHIF-1 alpha Cellular Assay KitHTRF® KinEASE™Phospho-IKKβ (Ser177/181) & Total IKKβ Cellular Assay Kit Human IL1 beta Assay KitMouse IL1 beta Assay KitHuman IL17 Assay KitMouse IL17 Assay KitHuman IL6 Assay KitMouse IL6 Assay KitIP-One Gq assay kitsPhospho-IRF3 (Ser386) Cellular Assay KitTotal IRS2 Cellular Assay KitPhospho-JNK (Thr183 / Tyr185) Cellular Assay Kit Phospho-PDGFR beta (Tyr751) Cellular Assay KitHuman Serum Albumin Assay KitPhospho-STAT3 (Tyr705) & Total STAT3 Cellular Assay KitsPhospho-TBK1 (Ser172) & Total TBK1 Assay KitsTGF beta 1 KitCynomolgus TNF alpha Assay KitHuman TNF alpha Assay KitMouse TNF alpha Assay KitPhospho-VEGFR2 (Tyr1175) Cellular Assay KitHuman TIMP1 Assay KitHuman MMP2 Assay KitHuman MMP9 Assay KitHuman IFN beta Assay KitPhospho-STING (Ser366) Cellular KitPhospho-SHP2 (Tyr542) Cellular KitTotal STING Cellular KitPhospho-SHP1 (Tyr564) Cellular KitTotal SHP1 Cellular KitTotal SHP2 Cellular KitPhospho-FAK (Tyr397) Cellular KitTotal FAK Cellular KitPhospho-STAT6 (Tyr641) Cellular KitHuman Ki-67 HTRF assay kitHuman STING binding kitAlpha-Tubulin Housekeeping – standard