HTRF and Tag-lite technologies in multidimensional cell-based assays for GPCR investigations

E. Dupuis, P. Mensat, L. Clusan, S. Bdioui, L. Nicolas, T. Roux and E. Trinquet


Cisbio Bioassays, Codolet, France .


The search for new drugs targeting GPCRs now requires binding assays and multiple cell responses. In this context, Cisbio offers a comprehensive and efficient line of cell-based assays to address GPCRs by combining the HTRF and Tag-lite technologies. This powerful cellular assay platform enabling multidimensional GPCR investigations from the detection of cell surface expression and binding of extracellular ligands, to the monitoring of second messenger modulations as upstream signaling readouts and protein phosphorylations as downstream signaling readouts is illustrated here on two GPCRs as models: the delta opioid receptor (DOR) and the protease-activated receptor 1 (PAR1).

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