HTRF IP-One Assay Performed on the PHERAstar and RUBYstar Plate Readers

Marjan Orban, Francois Degorce, Jean-Luc Tardieu


BMG LABTECH, Germany. Cisbio Bioassays, France.

This Application Note from BMG Labtech describes the implementation of the HTRF® IP-One GPCR functional assay on the PHERAstar and RUBYstar plate readers. Summary: This application note focuses on the IP1 assay which has been validated on a broad and representative selection of Gq coupled receptors using the dedicated HTRF® plate reader RUBYstar and the multimode plate reader PHERAstar from BMG LABTECH. These HTRF® certified compatible readers are capable to simultaneously detect the fluorescence at two wavelengths (620 nm and 665 nm) and further signal ratioing also enables the technology to overcome interference from the medium or from compounds. Such technological efficiency, combined with the use of a high-affinity monoclonal antibody, give the assay all the qualities necessary for an HTS tool, particularly in terms of sensitivity, robustness and reliability.

HTRF® Technology, GPCR research from A to Z , HTRF microplate readers

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