HTRF® cell-based assays to establish relationships between G protein activation and downstream pathways for multidimensional GPCR investigations.


Cisbio, Codolet, France

The search for new drugs targeting GPCRs and biased effects now requires a combination of approaches for multiple cell response studies. In this context, Cisbio offers a comprehensive and efficient line of HTRF® cell-based assays to investigate the GPCR-mediated activation of upstream and downstream signaling readouts. 

This powerful cellular assay platform enables multidimensional GPCR experiments from the monitoring of both second messengers cyclic AMP and inositol phosphate as upstream signaling readouts, to the detection of protein phosphorylations as downstream readouts.  Furthermore, this HTRF® cell-based assay platform provides a reliable way to establish relationships between G protein activations and downstream pathways. Here we illustrate with one GPCR as model: the protease-activated receptor 1 (PAR1).

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