IP-One Gq assay kits

IP-One, a new dimension in Gq signaling

Cisbio IP-One assays detect the accumulation of inositol monophosphate, a stable downstream metabolite of IP3 induced by activation of a phospholipase C (PLC) cascade. This kit allows direct characterization of all types of compounds acting on Gq-coupled receptors in either adherent or suspension cells.

From high-throughput screening (HTS) to structure-activity relationships (SAR), IP-One has been shown to offer superior benefits over traditional assays. IP-One is your ideal tool for Gq research, featuring:

  • Ease-of-use
  • Robustness
  • Low false negative rate
  • Signal specificity
  • Accurate pharmacological profiles

Visit our document section, featuring a range of related white papers, technical notes, and webinars showing how you can use IP-One to achieve excellence in your drug discovery research with improved lab productivity and results you can trust.

This Cisbio kit is also available in an ELISA format.

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Assay Principle

The kit is based on a competitive format involving a specific antibody labeled with cryptate (donor) and IP1 coupled to d2 (acceptor).

Native IP1 produced by cells competes with d2-labeled IP1 for binding to monoclonal anti-IP1 Tb2+ cryptate. LiCl is added to the cell stimulation buffer, causing IP1 to accumulate upon receptor activation.

The IP-One assay features a streamlined protocol with just two incubation steps:

  • Cell stimulation by the ligand or target compounds
  • IP1 detection using HTRF reagents

This protocol requires only a single, one-hour incubation period following cell stimulation.

What to expect at the bench

Assay performance

IP-One ensures signal specificity, measuring only IP-1, an analyte that is solely produced by the action of the phospholipase enzyme (PLC) and mediated by GPCRs.

In contrast, calcium responses are complex in nature. Calcium release is frequently triggered by non-G protein mechanisms, including Ca2+ permeable channels, calcium pumps, calcium transporters. Compounds engaging these receptors are said to be "off-target."

Using calcium flux technology, Ca2+ ionophores, and compounds that permeabilize the cellular membrane, appear as false positives in agonist screening assays. IP-One ensures that these compounds remain undetected.

The Cisbio IP-One solution delivers reliability and predictability, with results you can trust for your Gq GPCR studies.

Get full details about IP-One in this complete guide

Download this extensive white paper and discover all the reasons why IP-One can  revolutionize your Gq research


Product specifications

Assay Window, sensitivity, reproducibility and specificity : IP-One makes no concession !

Part#, inserts & MSDS

Ordering Info

DescriptionCat. noProduct insertMSDS
IP-One - Gq 10 standards62IP1CDX
IP-One - Gq kit - 1,000 tests62IPAPEB
IP-One - Gq kit - 20,000 tests62IPAPEC
IP-One - Gq kit - 100,000 tests62IPAPEJ

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