Discover How to measure Kinase activity with HTRF® KinEASE™ assay kit

From biochemical to cell-based, from universal to specific: a comprehensive platform of assays and reagents for evaluating kinase activity

Cisbio Bioassays has developed several assays for covering all the needs for monitoring kinase targets. For biochemical assays, the universal solution HTRF® KinEASE™ considerably simplify the investigation of kinase targets and complement our kinase toolbox that provides a panel of highly specific reagents.

Combining HTRF technology with its kinase and cell-based assay expertise, Cisbio has developed homogeneous cell signaling functional assays to detect activated proteins in whole cells. These assays are simple and rapid alternative to Western blot or ELISA and can be used from basic research to High throughput drug screening for both small molecule and biologic investigation. In addition to the ready-to-use kits, we provide custom services to meet your specific needs in a confidential and collaborative environment.