Tag-lite® Tool box

The other orthogonal system for labeling proteins in living cells and in vitro

Tag-lite Toolbox is the result of the combining HTRF with SNAP-tag®, CLIP-tag® and HaloTag® technologies. Tag-lite offers an unprecedented freedom and flexibility to build up your assays from target construction to assay development. Cisbio has optimized a selection of plasmids and fluorescent substrates that enable researchers to develop the assays they want in multiple assay configurations. A plasmid construction is engineered with Tag-lite plasmids and the gene encoding your protein of interest. Once transfected into cells, this plasmid leads to the expression of a protein fused with the tag. The tagged protein covalently and specifically interacts with Tag-lite substrates.

Build your target with Tag-lite plasmids

Cisbio Bioassays proposes plasmids encoding SNAP-tag, CLIP-tag, and HaloTag and bordered by restriction sites for cloning a gene of interest. By using these plasmids, a construction can be engineered. This construction encodes for the protein of interest and SNAP-tag, CLIP-tag or HaloTag in the N or C terminal position.

Label your tagged-target with Tag-lite substrates

A selection of three substrates is proposed for each SNAP-tag, CLIP-tag and HaloTag. These substrates are labeled with HTRF fluorophores, terbium cryptate donor (Lumi4-Tb), and green or red HTRF acceptors.