Technology training

It’s your turn to become an HTRF expert

Cisbio offers personalized training sessions to guide you with your first experiments, or to help you take your HTRF experiments to the next level. Sessions are held either at our facilities or your own laboratory.

Getting started (1 day)

This one-day course covers the underlying mechanisms of HTRF and guides you through all available applications.

Already an HTRF user? Take the next step! (2 days)

Cisbio offers specific programs to teach you how to run a cell-based or biochemical HTRF assay. Your coach provides all materials to guide you through preparation, optimization, miniaturization, and troubleshooting for your HTRF assay.

Tag-Lite training (3 days)

Specifically designed for Tag-Lite users, this session offers an in-depth focus on ligand binding. Your coach performs all experimental steps with you, including plasmid transfection, cell labelling (or thawing and culture of ready-to-use cells), binding assay set-up, and data analysis.